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Baby Birds Psychic Test
In just about every culture and religion baby birds reprsent new growth, blossoming of strength, a new beginning to a few year. Celebrate your psychic powers with these inspiring images!
Baby Birds
Many people are bird lovers and are drawn spiritually to these creatures of the air. See how your psychic connection fares when paired up with these beautiful animals.
Birds  Test
Cars  Test
In dreams, cars are a symbol of motion along a path, of progress towards our goals. Will these gorgeous cars help you reach your goal of developing your psychic skills? Click to find out!
Cars Test
Colors Test
Feng Shui and doctors alike will show us the powerful healing attributes to be found in colors. How well do you connect with the colors of the rainbow?
Colors Psychic Test
Faces Test
Newborn babies are shown to be drawn to faces from the time their eyes can begin to focus. Humanity is designed to pay attention to faces. How will faces affect your psychic powers?
Faces  Test
Farm Animals  Test
Most young children grow up playing with representations of farm animals – cows, pigs, chickens – comforting symbols of a peaceful way of life. How well do your psychic instincts connect with these friendly images?
Farm Animals Test
Flowers Test
The beauty of nature reminds us to appreciate every day of life and to make the most of the time we have. Will the floral creations presented help to draw out your psychic abilities? Click to find out!
Foods  Test
We all have to eat to survive. Food is an intimately critical part of our very survival. How do these foods help to trigger your psychic powers?
Foods Test
Infants Test
It's a common quest in psychic circles to return to the infant state, when your mind was fresh and new, when you were open to infinite possibilities and able to see what the world was really like. Here's your chance to shine!
Infants Test
Letters Test
From the earliest days we are taught our A B Cs and learn to unlock the mysteries of the universe. Letters help us draw in the wisdom of sages as well as of our grandmother and grandfather who stay in touch on Facebook. What do these letters have to say about your psychic powers?
Letters Psychic Test
Numbers Psychic Test
While some people are poets, other people are logical and precise. These numbers might be exactly what you need to unlock your psychic abilities and achieve your true potential!
Numbers Test
Spiders  Test
Spiders are considered very lucky in many cultures, and they represent the feminine power of weaving and stability. Will these spiders help to bring out your latent psychic powers?
Spiders  Test
Symbols Test
The classic test which many associate with the foundation of all psychic tests. You try to weed out all other prejudices and focus solely on the psychic ability baseline.
Symbols  Test
Twins  Test
The power of two. Twins share a special spiritual bond which transcends known science. Will twins help boost your own innate psychic abilities?
Twins  Test
Wild Animals Psychic Test
On one hand wild animals are thought to be dangerous and untamed. On the other hand, wild animals show us the truest connection with nature – they care for their environment and interact with their web around them in as careful a manner as possible. What can we learn from the natural creatures around us?
Wild Animals Psychic Test

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